Montag, 6. August 2012

More Proof that Al-Houla Massacre Was Carried Out by Sunni Terrorists

After a complete and utter PR faux pas following the release of the Mexican Chainsaw Massacre video by the Fake Syrian Army propaganda team in a bid to fool the sheep into believing that the legitimate Syrian government commits atrocities on Syrian people, it would appear that, aided by their fellow terrorists from the UN, the Al Qaeda Sunnis came up with a more solid strategy. Sick of losing their money to worthless terrorists whose propaganda is too easy to debunk, the sponsors must have hired a pro with experience setting up mass brainwash events. The result is a well planned and executed Al-Houla Massacre.
Sunni terrorists came, Sunni terrorists grabbed children and Sunni terrorists executed them in cold blood. Their UN allies then stepped in and supported the original claim that these innocent people were killed by shelling by the Assad forces.
I’ve already posted the proof that their version of the story stank as did every single claim they’ve made to date. And here’s more evidence which further proves the people of Al Houla were executed and not killed by shelling.
Many of previously posted photos showed that a bunch of people, including small kids and the elderly, were executed with a gunshot to the head fired from an HP rifle at close range. Turns out, the terrorists not only have no issues standing next to little children and shooting them in the head, they’d even go as far as slice their wee throats with a knife. Disgusting pigs, a disgrace to whole of humanity and the sheep support them. How does Hillary the Obtuse sleep at night supporting these monsters?
Video below shows a few more people executed by the terrorists. Among them is a child wearing a Syrian flag. Al Houla was overrun by the terrorists. They used the town as their stronghold and eventually used its people to pull off their most successful propaganda piece to date.
Most Syrian citizen support their government and desire no change. That includes many Sunnis who lived in peace among practitioners of other religions for years but then the extremists who have been killing people for just about ever saw an opportunity infraudulent Arab Spring and decided to grab at it. Supported by western war mongers, they were provided with weapons, logistics, training and money. That’s about all you need to carry out a successful genocide. And Sunnis sure do. They sure do.

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